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Advertise your business or service with us, free online listing included for advertisers. If our approach would suit your business please get in touch. 



Our Tour De Yorkshire

We advocate making a circuit of carefully chosen areas and highly personalised, quality content, over larger distribution. You pay the same or similar per page to us as other advertising books but we use the revenue differently. 

We concentrate on presenting the businesses we promote to the very best of our ability. We take time to get to know you and find ways to best present your business or service, varying the content as much as possible.


To promote you to the best of our ability. As commercial artists business is our inspiration and our reason for being. 


We see our collaboration with the business community as a perfect outlet for our talents. Amongst our crew are the usual collection of graphic artists, photographers and former newspaper production professionals but in addition our paid contributors include poets, musicians, children’s book authors, and a local historian.

To create art for art’s sake. We see sponsored editorials and editorials of local interest as key, they break up what would otherwise be a sea of advertising. Our artistic talents are used to good effect by creating eye catching covers, classy layouts, exciting puzzles, children’s colouring pages and competitions. These creations add interest and enjoyment to our readership and extends our publication's lifespan.

We do not stop at print. We know through working with small local business that social media is a very useful tool to increase sales and custom, as is a good website. That is why a listing in our online directory is free of charge to all advertisers. Business packages including custom content for social media are also available.

To look after and encourage the next generation of design professionals. We are always on the lookout for talent and encourage students to build up a working relationship with the business community. We employ students as part time paid contributors.

Other services we provide are:


  • Facebook and Instagram for business

  • Website design and management

  • Photography Services

To find out more please get in touch:


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