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In what way does your publication differ to other adbooks? 

In brief, we stagger advertising. The publication reaches a different readership each month, so featured businesses get introduced to a fresh influx of prospective clients. 


What areas do you cover?

We cover carefully chosen areas of Leeds, York, Harrogate and surrounding villages.


Am I better advertising my business with a leaflet or putting an advert in an adbook?

Both leaflet campaigns and advertising books have their worth but door to door, adbooks every time.


Advertising books are more likely to be kept longer than leaflets; people generally keep them for useful numbers. The longer the book spends in a household the more likely it is that featured businesses will receive a call. A householder may keep a book for any of the businesses featured and come across other ads, which were initially of no interest, at a later date. Being in the book with other businesses also saves on distribution costs, compared to leaflets they are a very cost-effective form of advertising.

What matters more quality content or larger distribution?

Many advertising books have an area they cover monthly, reaching the same householders

with mostly the same ad content. This is not guaranteed to be as effective as staggered advertising because unless the content varies the featured businesses have no greater connection with the householder. A varied friendly advertising campaign reaching a different readership monthly will make a greater impression than the same business card style advert appearing month after month to the same readership, even if the readership is larger.


But surely the larger distribution the better?

Not necessarily; a large amount of advertising is not always a good thing. Receiving many new customers in one go and not being able to handle the increase gives a bad impression, a smaller steady influx of new custom helps smaller businesses grow steadily. 

What is the difference between circulation, distribution and readership?

Most advertising books distribution (per area) is in the region of 7-10k printed copies each month, this is said to be the distribution. With these figures, circulation may be claimed as double up to 20k. Circulation is worked out as two adults reading each copy per household, plus multiple readers reading one copy in public venues ie. shopping centres, libraries, and hotels. A companion website is said to increase readership many times over, with this approach to online content a free publication may up its readership to 90k.

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